Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday 13

While I am much more fond of writing than watching movies these days, I realized that there are some quirky favorites that I’ll still pull off the shelf now and then. Here are thirteen of them, randomly listed as they came to mind.

I’ll be amazed if anyone has heard of the majority. Anyway, I hope you’ll be inspired to check a few of them out. To get an idea of what they’re about and some opinions from the general population, please check out a great movie lovers' resource by visiting the Internet Movie Database.

1. Nemesis – the
reluctant hero in this sci/fi action slowly becomes more and more of a machine in the line of duty; while this is awesome, definitely skip the sequel

2. Circuitry Man – also heavy on the science fiction and action, this one is more of a tongue-in-cheek comedic romance that has been followed by a similarly bad follow-on

3. Deep Rising – I seem to be more of a geek than I realized, but this sci/fi treat has monsters instead of cyborgs

4. Clay Pigeons – Vince Vaughn and Joaquin Pheonix in a dark comedy/crime drama; ‘nuff said

5. Demon Knight – an everyman fights an epic battle against evil through the ages until time runs out and he is forced to find the next protector of the key (cue ominous music, though there is actually an excellent hard rock soundtrack)

6. Howard the Duck – I liked it and I won’t apologize, so there; okay, maybe I don't find it as re-watchable as some others (Dark City, Pitch Dark, Sin City, but now I'm cheating by padding the list even if there is an amusing repetition of words in the titles)

7. Idle Hands – Seth Green is brilliant and Jessica Alba is every bit as sweet as she is hot (Hey! I’m a girl but I’m not blind)

8. The Professional – before she portrayed Padmé, Natalie Portman played a precocious orphan who attaches herself to a hit man to learn his trade and avenge her murdered family; Jean Reno and Gary Oldman are beyond memorable

9. Jacob’s Ladder – an anti-war movie with a mind-bending plot

10. The Cell – another Vince Vaughn triumph featuring what I thought was a shining performance by Jennifer Lopez

11. Thirteen Ghosts – Tony Shaloub plays an admirable parent in a horrifying situation; DVD special features on the background of the ghosts keeps me captivated

12. Dodgeball – I guess I really like Vince Vaughn when I think about it, but this one makes me feel good no matter how bad a day I've had

13. Ghost Ship – every character is interesting and quirky in this chilling supernatural tale


  1. Interesting list. I've only seen a couple of them, but I've heard of quite a few. One or two of those I may have to look into.

  2. I hope you get to enjoy some of these quirky flicks, Lucius. Thanks for the kidn word!

  3. Great list! I have seen most of these, and I liked Howard the Duck too! I have no seen them all, but might have to convince the wife to update our Netflix list to include a few. Thanks for the enlightenment!

  4. Thanks for validating my enjoyment of "Howard"! I appreciate the kind word, Pat! I'd love to know what you think of any of the others. And please don't tell your wife where you got the ideas in case she hates them. :)


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