Monday, May 6, 2019

Good News and a Bad Judgment Call

First off, my husband and I did not euthanize Jezebel the cat today due to advanced bone cancer. The elevated calcium expected to be kidney related, today’s urine sample will show how advanced is her situation.

Why did my mind immediately take the darkest turn possible?

The overwhelming majority of credit goes to that veterinary employee who left the message Friday morning regarding her blood work. He didn’t say simply that elevated calcium can be a concern and needs to be investigated.


This fellow jumped straight to the fact higher levels are a good indication of cancer. Why would someone do that? My imagination took over from there despite my husband’s best attempts to dissuade me.

An X-ray shows she has arthritis. For that, I am to administer two different pain medications twice a day. Wish me luck. Jezebel despises being handled thus.

Despite me stuffing her in a carrier and putting her through stress of another visit, all is forgiven. She is curled up, purring and grooming beside me on the bed as I type.

Meanwhile, the same veterinarian who gave Tilly such thorough care a few weeks ago seemed confused by my constant mentions of cancer concerns. I don’t think she considered that possibility for Jezebel.

Too relieved to feel true anger, I will be leaving a message on their web page advising a friendly chat with their staff on phone etiquette. I have been a wreck for days.

I’m reminded of a “House, M.D.” television episode in which a man diagnosed with cancer sued the kind oncologist Dr. Wilson for renouncing his former death sentence. Preparing for the end, the fellow said farewell to friends and sold his home. His largest complaint involved costs of buying a new residence. I miss that show.

What would be your first positive act if you learned your life would be over within the year?



  1. I just sent the following FB message to our vets' office:

    Please have a friendly chat with your staff about phone etiquette. By no means rude or unkind, the message left regarding my pet's blood work mentioned a direct link between elevated calcium levels and cancer. I spent the entire weekend stressed out of my mind before learning the phenomenon is likely kidney related.

    This is still an admitted concern and I will continue addressing potential renal issues with your veterinarians. But blithe mention of the C-word is not the best way to address a client.

    Thank you for the fine care and consideration on this matter.

  2. Excellent message on their site. Sometimes these folks are speaking way out of turn. Like this person did.

    I've got my fingers and toes crossed for good results.

    Have a fabulous day and week, my friend. Scritches to Jezebel. ♥

  3. Yeah, that wasn't the best way to let you know that you needed a follow up visit.

  4. I was afraid to read your post. I am so happy to read Jezebel is with you and may be for some time. A lot of things can be cancer, but it is only one of many so it is wrong to scare someone. Hope is so important. I will be praying for Jezebel. XO

  5. I loved that show. I didn't know if I should have said something about the jumping to such a conclusion on a phone call. I guess I should have. Hey have a good week!

    1. You are wise. ~hugs~ Don't feel bad. I'm still hanging in there, hoping things get better. Be well!

  6. Matters of health are always unpredictable. Things do go wrong, in spite of how much ever care we take. The only way is to trust the doctors and hope for the best. Hope and prayers work, most of the time.
    Wishing good luck.

  7. What would I do?......Crap, that is hard. First positive, would be sure that my babes have a good home when I am gone. Then pack them up, empty out accounts and go....go....and go to places I have not been before. Couple of weeks, then home to my family. Glad for the news on your babe. Thinking that the employee needs more training. Lots more.

    1. I am ready to hibernate for the summer. Heh... I know you understand the feeling. ~hugs~

  8. I will not sell my house since if I really dead by next year, will I bring the money to the grave yard?

    # I like your story.....

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