Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday Fill-Ins

(Disclaimer: to anyone visiting from the Feline Friday blog hop, I apologize if I don't visit to see your beautiful feline. I didn't expect the lovely host of Comedy Plus to include my Luna, whose photo is at bottom. I am busy with rewrites/editing and thus limiting my time on blogs right now. Be well!)

Thanks go to two lovely bloggers at McGuffy's Reader and Fifteen and Meowing for hosting a blog hop today. Every week, these lovely ladies provide open-ended statements they compile together. I didn’t join the hop officially because I need to write but decided to share here anyway.

Feel free to join in, however. And visit as many blogs as you can. There are some truly nice folks around, like you, dear readers. Here are the prompts:

1. The Winter Olympics are _________.
2. I think the most romantic movie (or book) is _________.
3. Recently, I had an odd experience when _________.
4. I believe that love _________.

1. The Winter Olympics are something I watched as a kid. Now, I don't care about them, though I wish the athletes all the best.
2. I think the most romantic movie (or book) is my 'BloodMoon' series. Heh...
3. Recently, I had an odd experience when I realized my character's early love interest becomes an unwilling villain years later. He and his sister 'gave it away' with their hair and eye color when I was working on their origin story yesterday, which was super cool.
4. I believe that love from my cat Luna was the soulmate type.

RIP Luna (1999 (?) - August 5, 2014)



  1. Love your answers and I linked Luna to Feline Friday. We had our Little Bit that was the same. We lost her in 2015.

    Have a terrific day and weekend, Darla. ♥

  2. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. Luna was a beautiful kitty. The story you are writing sounds
    interesting. Have a great weekend! XO

  3. Sweet Luna. (As I'm visiting blogs, the Olympics are on in the background. But I get the writing urge. Now back to watching figure skating ;)

    1. Thank you! You're very kind. I must confess we have not tuned into the Olympics for even one second. Heh... Be well!

  4. 1. The Winter Olympics are enjoyable to watch although they make me feel inadequate and like I should be exercising or racing or something. Side note: doesn't take much to make me feel this way. When I pass joggers when driving, I look the other way.
    2. I think the most romantic movie (or book) is maybe Out of Africa. I loved that movie.
    3. Recently, I had an odd experience when a neighbor from another street knocked on my door and told me he thought he better tell me he'd been looking around in my backyard. WHAT?
    4. I believe that love "is a many splendored thing". I'm not feeling a brain buzz yet so I cheated with a quote.

  5. Nice answers to the fill-ins, I didn't get around to doing them. - Your Luna was a gorgeous cat for sure.


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