Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Organizing With Velcro

I like lists. They help organize my thoughts and keep even the smallest goals on track. I also hate to waste paper. So I purchased a modern alternative - a dry erase board.

Unfortunately the dry erase marker that came with my renewable resource dried up and none of the new ones would fit in the provided holding clip. Having three colors is great but made storage options even more elusive. For several days I've left them on the table near my front door. That furniture is mostly decorative and does not have a drawer.

The result? An eyesore. I wanted an alternative.

Inspiration struck just today. And hence the company name in my title. Velcro's wonderful fastener solved my little issue. We bought five feet of the stuff years ago and never regretted it. The two-part product has so many uses.

And here is another. Voila!

Forgive My Sloppy Print
I attached the most commonly used black marker at the top (obviously) while the red and blue are situated on a clear plastic tab meant for hanging the board (I'm using the magnets with my metallic garage door).

At lest you know I'm making an effort to exercise!

Do you have any organizing tips to share? I would really appreciate incorporating new tricks.

Also, did you notice that the A to Z April Blog Challenge is in red at the bottom? Can't forget to get that ball rolling! Happy organizing...



  1. Good fix, for the marker hanging problem. I once had a dry erase then forgot to ever write anything on it.

    1. Thank you, Strayer. As for forgetting to use your white board, you are too busy taking action to write it down. ~hugs~ You inspire me with all your aid to feral cats - sterilizing them, getting them homes when possible and healthcare when not. Bless you, my dear!

  2. Great idea. Have fun with the A to Z. I'm sitting it out this year!

    1. Thank you, Corinne. I'm sorry you are not joining the challenge this year and hope it's not due to illness or anything. Be well!


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