Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - Father's Day Special

I am probably not alone in appreciating my father for this Thursday's list. I can only hope that you have a special dad with whom to share mutual affection. Here are thirteen cool things about mine:

1. Dad calls me regularly so that we keep in touch even when I get wrapped up in life and neglect picking up the phone.

2. He treats his children’s spouses like they’re his own. Dad (and Mom) basically adopted my husband.

3. He cooks most of the Thanksgiving meal for the whole clan from turkey to pumpkin pies.

4. He employed all of his adult children at various times and did his best to act as a fair boss.

5. He refitted a vintage bicycle so I could ride in comfort cheaply.

6. He graciously trades valuable services for neighbors’ small favors.

7. He loves dogs and all his kids’ various other critters

8. He built a basement underneath our existing ranch house when I was a toddler.

9. He maintained numerous simultaneous jobs so our mother of four could stay home for the full-time occupation of child and household care.

10. He’s built three (!) cat trees for my pets. Those things cost a fortune and each is unique.

11. He used his time, energy, and expertise to renovate our second floor deck. That bought us years before we need to replace the expensive thing.

12. He drove my mom clear across the state so they could both kindly stay with me while my husband underwent major surgery.

13. Last but not least, Dad and Mom left the hospital that recent day while giving me the impression they were heading straight home. Instead, he took the time to mow my lawn so I had one less thing to worry about during my husband’s recovery.

Thanks, Dad, for being you!


  1. That's a great list. You have an amazing dad.

  2. Wow, what a great dad! I'm so glad that you and your siblings had such a wonderful role model and support system!

    Happy TT,


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  3. What a great Dad!!! You're blessed!

  4. Here's to all the amazing dads out there! I had one, too, and I'm happy to say, so do my daughters.

  5. Father's Day was never much of a thing in my household. Neither was my father. *shrug*

  6. What a great list. Thanks for sharing it with us, Darla.

  7. You and others who know him are truly blessed. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Great quotes!


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  9. Aww, sweet post. Sounds like you have a wonderful dad indeed!

  10. Aw, your dad sounds like a great guy! Ithink that kind of caring guy is true hero material.

  11. Aww, your dad sounds so wonderful.


  12. You are truly blessed. Treasure the time spent with your parents. Happy T13!

  13. Thanks for all the kind words. I wish everyone were as lucky as me.

  14. So cool of your husband and parents getting along. I do all right with my inlaws, and count myself lucky.

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