Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - Childhood Memories

Thursday Thirteen – Childhood Memories

1. There once existed lists of my stuffed animals so I could rotate weekly which ones slept in my bed. We wouldn’t want unfair treatment!

2. Same said stuffed animals were often the imperfect ones found at the store. I wanted to make sure they got a home.

3. I remember having a fit in anger during which I threw a favorite book across the room. Then I cried over the broken binding.

4. In all kinds of weather I used to join our dog on the roof of her doghouse for gentle companionship. She never did like being inside.

5. During my teens, my fingernail polish matched each and every new day’s outfit. I still wish I could get that time back for something more productive.

6. When little, a favorite play spot was the staircase of my grandparents’ home.

7. Eating walnuts in my grandfather’s woodworking shop is another favorite memory from that era. He used to sit and talk with me for hours.

8. Squirrels running around in the trees and power lines entertained me for hours. My grandfather taught me patience to the point we could feed some of the squirrels on the porch.

9. Winters at my other grandparents’ country home displayed a vast array of wild birds visiting for a free feed. The background noise of adults chatting as I stared out the window was a soothing sound.

10. A great flood once allowed us kids to use pool floats in the neighborhood streets. Mom was a dear to let us get away with that.

11. My brother used to drive me around in his car and I still remember the neat park road that dipped below the level of a creek. It became impossible to traverse after a particularly heavy rain.

12. Caring for houseplants and gardening with my grandmother taught me a lot, and not all just about vegetation.

13. Snuggling with my dad on the couch, we would often snooze on Sunday afternoons while watching NASCAR. I never saw the checkered flag as often as the start of the races.


  1. Awww...such precious memories.
    You are truly blessed.
    Happy T13!

  2. Lots of great memories. I like the idea of the staircase from your childhood. Happy TT!

  3. Very sweet memories. I think we all have a "Grandma's staircase" in our past, don't we? At least, I hope we all do.

    Happy TT!

  4. Aww those are so good....I sometimes think back and miss being a kid....

  5. Crawling onto my grandfather's lap while he told stories is one of my favorite memories. For us it wasn't walnuts, it was pecans.

  6. Fun memories and a great idea for a TT!


    My TT is at

  7. You have some great memories. Childhood was so much easier than some of the grown-up stuff :)

  8. Awww some great memories. It sounds like you were a sweetie when you were little.

  9. Those are some nice memories, Darla. You're lucky to have known your grandparents. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thanks for the kind comments! Recalling my childhood and reading the nice remarks from all of you remind me that I truly am blessed.

  11. You are, and I think it was a lovely idea to share with us!

  12. It sounds like you spend a lot of time with your grandparents. What wonderful memories you have of them.

    Thank you for sharing.


  13. Imperfect stuffed animals? Somehow this reminds me of the Frosty the Snowman show where -was it the island of forgotten toys?? - lived, always hoping for a home!


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