Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

I just found If Shoes Could Kill dot com the other day and just had to share. The variety is astounding! It was very kind of them to provide links, making my list easy.

1. It does beat stepping in poo...

crazy shoe photos - Hey You Stepped in Something!

2. Can you imagine trying to keep these clean?

crazy shoe photos - If Tim Burton Were a Middle Aged Woman

3. Not bad, as long as you don't get ants...

crazy shoe photos - When You Want to Feel Like You Are Eating Donuts in the Park

4. I can't decide if I'm more horrified or amused...

crazy shoe photos - How to Make Your Cat Hate You

5. And to follow a theme...

crazy shoe photos - Hamster Exploitation

6. I hate going barefoot, so these just make me cringe...

crazy shoes - A Podiatrists Nightmare

7. Ditto...

8. An ode to the "Tron" remake?

Crazy Shoes - TRON Heels

9. All right, these are kind of cool. They would also help me stand taller at rock concerts, but I suppose bouncers wouldn't let me in if they won't allow me to carry a lousy pen in my purse...

Crazy Shoes - Is This Ammo Or Accessories?

10. Just... wow?

crazy shoes - What Would the Pope Say?

11. Footwear? Or should I get my bug spray?

12. Feathers! I like!

13. I definitely want these...

crazy shoe photos - Instead of Brains, These Zombies Moan for Toes


  1. LOL! Those are interesting and frightening at the same time! I've gotta check out that website!


    My TT is at

  2. The rodent shoes...EWWWW! I'm suddenly very glad not to be a shoe person. My post

  3. I'm going to have to agree with Paige, here. Some of those made me cringe, big time - then again, all high heels do! LOL!

  4. Wow. Those wire ones... no, MOST of them look painful. Where could you wear the no-toe ones, and why bother?

  5. I'd never thought I could have nightmares from SHOES of all things. Now I know better! Yikes!

  6. OMG! The dead rats on the feet are awful! Do people actually wear these? The wire ones look painful. The mouse cages are cute, but I would think it would hurt the mice to get banged around inside there all day long.

    Although, I suppose if one is able to wear shoes like these, one does not need to walk far or do much on one's feet... o.O... ~plot bunny perks up~

  7. Ooooh number 10 is my favorite!!!!

  8. I was alternatively fascinated and horrified. I'm going to have to check out this site.

  9. A fascinating collection and your commentary is great. I laughed out loud at the rats.

  10. Um. I'm totally skeert of some of these. But not the rat ones. lol

  11. The onces that made me cringe the most was the rat ones. I really hate rats.

    Happy belated TT. Thanks for sending the link.



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